About Leigh Muller

Leigh Muller

I’ve just completed my first novel, FIRST INSTINCT, and am actively searching for an agent. The novel is a thriller and won a literary competition sponsored by the Gulf Coast Writers Conference. Two of my essays have been published in best-selling collections, “Little Hare” in Lessons from Dad and “Afternoon Tapestry” in Lessons from Our Children. If you dumped Harlan Coben and Lisa Gardner into a bucket and stirred, you’d get a high-stakes manuscript with fast pace, clever plotting, widening scope, deep characterization, and a vivid sense of place. That’s the kind of novel I try to write.

I grew up in Savannah, Georgia where the people are just as crazy as promoted. I escaped to Florida with my husband, Jim, and wrote FIRST INSTINCT while raising two sons, two daughters, two cats, two birds, two gerbils, two turtles, two African clawed frogs, and an entire farm of freakishly large ants. We never planned on raising Noah’s Ark, we just didn’t want anyone to be lonely.

Contact Leigh Muller at: leigh.pd.muller@gmail.com